Solo Ads Review - Low Cost Advertising that Gets you Sales and Leads

What are Solo Ads?

Solo Ads are e-mail advertising sent to highly targeted audience (of your niche). These audience are very likely already looking to buy the product or service you are trying to promote. You are very likely to get sign ups and even sales from this service.

Why you should try Solo Ads for your Website or Business?

Have you spent thousands of dollars on Google, Bing and other PPC networks without any sales, leads or results? Not only do these networks cost a lot of money to advertise your business, they also don't work great for new businesses. Especially when starting off and don't have a huge budget for your business. You can advertise your business, website or products online for a fraction of the cost.

Solo Ads are Unique and Low Cost

On average, pay-per-click ads on Google will cost you around $2/click. Which is very expensive. Imagine a new business paying $2/click? Not good. Compare that to Solo Ads which only cost on average 40c/click. You can get them for as low as 30c/click.

Solo Ads for Affiliate Marketing

Since Solo Ads can deliver quality targeted traffic so you can get leads which can be converted into sales. Some Solo Ad sellers report over 60% people buying their ads result in sales. This is a great for Affiliate Marketing where you are trying to promote your products to sell.

Solo Ads Vendors

There are many great vendors. The one I recommend is Udimi. You can visit their website using the link below which will also get you discount. My experience with Udimi has been amazing. I almost always get leads from their traffic which I can convert into sales later. You can pick low cost solo ads sellers from their marketplace which have sales reported. Try different sellers and start with minimum clicks, this way you will find out which sellers work the best for you. I am sure their will sellers which will suite your niche.


Solo Ads are indeed highly converting and low cost. You are almost guaranteed to get leads and some times you can even get sales. The point is to get leads and convert them to sales later using e-mail marketing. I personally had great success getting people to sign up for my products. Please read some of the reviews in the screenshot above. You can see people are reporting sales and leads. This really is an advertising network that converts.

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