Is Affiliate Marketing Profitable in 2022?

Yes, definitely but it is not that easy, in order for you to be profitable, you should follow these steps:

- Setup a website, since this will be your identity for Affiliate Marketing

- Set up an Affiliate account, you can start off with ClickBank, they have a large list of Affiliate programs to promote

- Write a detailed article on your website which explains the product you are promoting. Make sure it answers most of the questions the viewer might have about the product you are promoting. Follow this step for all of the products you are promoting and over time you will have a very valuable website

Next step is to get traffic, you can get traffic from paid sources like Google Ads, Microsoft Ads etc. 
- Free sources include Social Media, like Twitter, Facebook Pages, LinkedIn etc.

- As long as you are focused and put in good amount of effort in writing great articles you will be successful over time.

Good Luck!

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