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What is Link / URL Shortening?

It is a great way to make your links smaller. It also helps to manage your links much better. You can also find stats which can help you tracker which links are performing better. They also take much less space and can be put in any content easily.

Why should I use L-to.com's URL / Link shortening service?

L-to.com is 100% FREE. You can easily shorten your URLs, there is no need to create an account. You can also track the performance of your URLs. You will be able to track Desktop and Mobile performance of your shortened URLs. Also, a very detailed view of you stats are also avaiable.

What was Google Link / URL Shortening Service (Goo.gl)?

Google offered its own link shortening service since September 2010 which became very popular across the internet. Unfortunately it was discontinued in March 2019. This website (L-to.com) provides a very similar link shortening service, you can track all your URLs and find the stats very easily.

Can I track my short links?

Yes you can track your short links for Free. If you register and login, your links will be automatically tracked. Just go to L-to.com, register, login and start creating links there. You can also search for your links. You will find stats for total clicks, unique click, and clicks from mobile and desktop. More features are added regularly and they are again 100% Free!

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