Which companies offer the best Affiliate programs to promote?

There are many companies that offer Affiliate programs to promote. Many have different benefits and suit individual affiliates better depending on their Affiliate Marketing needs. 

Here are some of the best companies for affiliates:

1.  ClickBank Referral Program
They have a huge database of vendors selling products. You find the niche that suits you the best. click Bank has been there for a very long time. You can instant approval to promote from huge list of vendors.

2.  Amazon Associates
Amazon - known all over the world for their amazing service of delivering items same-day or next day have their Affiliate program. You can expect to earn on average between 3% to 6% commission from every sale on Amazon. This is pretty good considering people tend to buy multiple products from Amazon.

3.  Impact Referral Program
Another great place for Affiliates to find links. Impact also has a big list of Affiliate programs to promote. Some are pre-approved and some will require approval. All programs and statistics are very well organized.

4.  Commission Junction (CJ) Referral Program
Another very well established Affiliate network. As per their website they are the largest network for Affiliates. You can expect to find high paying Affiliate programs there. They also have a huge database of high paying affiliate programs.

5.  Shopify Affiliate program
Shopify is an e-commerce company which lets people build their stores and sell products. It is really good and manages very well the process of listing and selling products online. They are very well established and have a huge customer base. You can promote their Affiliate products and start making commissions!

6.  JVZoo Referral Program
Recently JVZoo has been big in Affiliate Network. They have lots of Affiliates promoting products. They have sellers that pay big commissions. The platform is very well organized. You can join and start earning commissions.

7.  WarriorPlus Referral Program
Like ClickBank, CJ and JVZoo - WarriorPlus also have big list of vendors that list their products on the platform. Commission payouts are great. You can expect to earn as much as 80% commission from some vendors. 

8.  Hostinger Affiliate Program
If you need great web hosting, Hostinger is great and very fast. They are very reliable and servers are very fast. You can promote their web hosting affiliate program and earn 60% from what the customer pays. If you have customers that are interested in web hosting, then this is a great affiliate program to promote.

9.  Bluehost Affiliate Program
Just like Hostinger, Bluehost is also very well know and their web hosting is great and very reliable. You can promote their web hosting Affiliate program and earn $65 commission per referral. They increase the commission to up to $100 during some promotional times in the year.

10.  Udimi Affiliate Program
Udimi is a marketplace where people buy solo ads. Solo ads are email ads which are sent to highly targeted audience which result in leads and sales of products. It is great for Affiliates. You can join their affiliate program and earn 15% from each sale. Many customers are recurring buyers so you will continue to earn each time the buyer buys clicks.

There are many more companies offering affiliate programs. You can find them by searching on Google. Above are some of our recommendations. 

Good Luck!

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