What is required to be a successful Affiliate?

You will need to work hard and follow a few steps regularly to be successful. You should start by:

Make an Affiliate Marketing Website (see example here). Have a budget of $100, if not you can also start for Free with Google Sites. If you have the budget, then you can get your own domain name which will be better for the long run since you will build a brand

Add quality content to your website, example: you can do product reviews. Make sure you write in great detail, minimum 2000 words. Try to answer all questions a viewer might have on the product you are writing about.

Drive quality traffic to your website, you can do this by paid sources (ie Google Ads or Microsoft Ads) or organically (from Google or Bing). If your website is well written and your content is unique Google and Bing will start to show in results and you will start to get traffic slowly. This will pick up over time when you have more content.

Remember: this process is not quick and will take time. So be patient, work hard and keep adding quality content on regular basis. You will succeed in the end.

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