Are you a student?
A youth looking for a way to make passive income?
A 9-5 worker, that needs a side hustle?
Or just anyone who wants a way to make money.

Do not worry, this offer is certainly for you because it will help you in various ways especially educational even while you earn. This offer will show you how you can make up to $5000 monthly as a student by doing this;
• Uploading documents Eg study guides, past questions and answers, notes and so on which you will earn up to $10 per view
• Asking and answering questions in the platform forums.
 • It will also give you the opportunity to read various books from other studies in various schools.
• Getting a tutor to teach you when you find something difficult for you.
As a parent or just anyone who wants to become a Tutor have the ability to make up to $7500 a month by teaching students on this platform for various topics of your choice. You can go about this by first;
• Applying for the work of a tutor
• Undergoing an interview to ensure you are a real person
• Inputting your payment and tax information when you have chosen
• Start earning

There is a video in which you will learn the step by step ways in which you can make money on this platform. 

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